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Nick Filth (Mahesh Das) is a tattoo artist and co-owner of Hidden History Tattoo. He is also a musician in a number of bands such as KYOTY, and Trembling Love which are released through the record label Deafening Assembly he co-owns.

Polishing the Black Stone is a podcast exploring spirituality, psychedelics, art, relationships, culture, and the human experience. We exist beyond the temporal realm, in tune with things greater than our ego. Polishing the Black Stone reinforces this through conversations exploring relationships, spirituality, psychedelics, art, culture, and the concept of self. It is a reminder that we are human, it is a reminder that we are all one. With our culture emphasizing that we must feel good, we tend to ignore our primordial issues. This ignorance leads to the metaphoric black stone. Which we wear away through communication and focus.